Friday, July 11, 2014

To God and Country...WORLD

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Topic: Belong
God and Country
Somedays I am struck by the enormity of  it all. That we are apart of something so much bigger. 
I get caught up in my small neighborhood, my small town, my small job, my small church 
and I forget the big picture. 

Sometimes I forget to look, to see, to be apart of that picture. 
That I am apart of the bigger Christian community. 
That I am apart of the bigger Nation.
That there is a Global community that is me too. 

I want and feel like I am always waiting to be called to something bigger. 
To belong to something grandeur. 
But I already belong
There is nothing stopping me from making a difference now. 
I can affect change from my living room floor, in what I write, what I read, in what I buy. 
I do belong 
~ Cassi
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