Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jalapeno Popper Roll

Steve and I love jalapeno poppers! We are always looking for new ways to try them. This idea came from a jumble of recipes I have seen using crescent roles and the ingredients from the poppers.
Cream Cheese package
Bacon (about 4 strips)
Jalapenos, as many as you want I did 6
Crescent roll package 
After dicing the jalapenos and bacon mix them with the cream cheese until thoroughly mixed.
Then spread the crescent roll dough out and cut into strips or you can but the crescent roll strips that the sell now. That is what I did. After they are rolled out spread cream cheese mixture on to one side of the strips. Then roll strip pressing the end to seal the edge.

The one in the corner we tried in a ball format but that wasn't to good. Once the rolls are ready cook as the package instructs for the crescent rolls.
Next time I would put less cream cheese on each roll. They were a little to heavy in my opinion and Steve's. I would also think about adding cheese to the mixture. In truth they really had no heat, not sure if this was due to mild jalapenos or not enough of them.
What is your favorite way of making jalapeno poppers?
~ Cassi

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