Monday, July 28, 2014

Fine Line

In parenting there is always this fine line between being a mom and being a friend. I want to be the parent that my daughter likes to hang out with it. But I also want to make sure I provide the structure and authority that is a part of being a parent.
Right now Mouse (on the left) is still excited to hang out with us. She has no problem of inviting friends to come with where ever we go. But I know that keeping that up means making sure her friends like us as much as she does.
But how do you do that with out being "that" mom, you know the one. The one that thinks they are still a teen. The one kids role their eyes at. I don't want to be that one. Not that I am afraid to embarrass her every now and then. That is just a parents right.
Then there is the line to walk between "of this world" and "for this world". Those Christian clich├ęs ring true for me when parenting. How do we help her grow in her faith and yet still be relevant to the world? My hardest has been how do I keep her reaching out those how need to know Christ with falling into the risks that go with that.
Parenting is a fine line and a line I am learning gets thinner as she gets older.
How do you walk this line?
~ Cassi 

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