Monday, May 5, 2014

Picking and Choosing your Battles

I don't if you have noticed by my hair but I love it long. The longer the better. In my opinion you can do so much with it and I love all the stuff for long hair.  Then some how I ended up with a  daughter who thinks hair should be short and shorter.
This year she asked for a pixie cut!
OK, that was a bit much for this Momma to take. So, we compromised to a short bob for now. I told her to try out this length and then we'll see about going shorter. She thought this was a good idea.
She loves it! But she has informed me that next time she is ready to go shorter. And this is one battle I am going to let her win. I need to remind myself that there will be some many in the future and this is not important. It will grow back or in her case it may go shorter. I am OK with it.
Really... I am.
In fact I think she looks pretty darn cute.
~ Cassi
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