Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Parenting in the 21st Century

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We finally caved and got Mouse a cell phone. It took us a year longer than Mouse would have liked. It was a struggle to decide what to get her. A smart phone would have been easy but we still weren't sure we were ready for that.
A smart phone met full access to the internet and as great as Instagram and Pinterest are; I wasn't sure I wanted her seeing everything on them. We also weren't really excited about the additional cost.
We finally settled on a text and talk only phone, much to the disappointment of her FaceTime friends. But it felt right for now.
And thanks to the Best Buy guy we save a good deal of money. We went with the pay as you go plan from VirginMobile. His selling point was if she lost or broke this phone it was a lot easier to pick up a new one then if you were in a contract.
So we are starting the 21st century parent thing... slowly.
~ Cassi

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