Monday, December 2, 2013

Repurposed Art to Chalkboard

 One of my good friends was moving, in doing so she also wanted to get rid of her old decor. I snatched this artwork up right away. I just loved the frame. I knew right that it would make a great chalkboard.

I first started by painting the frame white. Then I added the chalkboard center.

I wasn't really happy with the over all look. In talking with my Dad he suggested using model acrylic for the accent paint. He got me a bottle of this silver and it worked perfectly.
Next up was deciding what saying should go on it. By this time we knew this piece was going in our bedroom, which has a subtle sea theme. Thank you Pinterest for numerous ideas on quotes. I took one of those and planned it out on the computer. I then hand drew the quote on to lots of taped together paper. To transfer it on to the chalkboard, I chalked the back of the paper.
Once I flipped this over , I traced over the letters with a pencil. This transferred a light outline of the design.
Then I traced over those markings with a chalk marker. Chalk markers are odd to work with they go on clear then dry white. They are also very hard to erase so try not to make to many mistakes. 
At this point I could have been done, but we thought the ride sided needed a something. So back to Pinterest for shell drawing ideas. And here is the final product up in our room. 
Love it. It finishes off that side of the room perfectly. 
~ Cassi

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