Monday, December 16, 2013

My rings

Since getting my new wedding ring I have been on the look out for a new Mother's ring that will look good with it. I finally found it. It's not really a Mother's ring and really it barely has my kid's birthstone in the ring at all. But I love it. I feel like it brings the stones in my other ring together.

See the wedding ring is my husbands birthstone on the sides (Sapphire) and Mouse's birthstone in the center (Aquamarine). I completely adore this ring and all that it stands for. That fact that it is not a traditional wedding ring makes it even more perfect for us.

So why should my Mother's ring be any more traditional right?!? While at Helzberg last week I saw that they had a new stone out called London Topaz, she stated it is a darker version of my birthstone (Blue Topaz). London and dark teal/blue it was the perfect stone for me. Then I spotted this ring. The base is a mix of both topaz's and Aquamarine with a swirl of diamonds over the top. The swirl and the edges of my wedding ring are identical.

My favorite part is now we are all represented through my rings, I just have to look down and see Steve, Mouse and me. To see the bond and love we all share. It makes my heart so happy to see.

~ Cassi

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