Friday, December 13, 2013

Birthdays now

Fridays time for  InstaFriday.

I love birthdays!! It's the one day a year we truly stop and tell someone their life is important to us. It's so powerful.
When I was young I loved the event of the birthday but as I have aged it has become more and more about the people.
Steve teaches Awana Wednesdays at church so we spent the night before my birthday curled on the couch with Mouse. Just watching TV, nothing special just together. The Mouse presented me with her gift.

Three hearts, it's us she said pointing to each heart with who it represented. It's lovely. 
On the day of I spent the night with my parents for dinner and shopping. Nothing special just being together, it was fun. 
The Saturday we'll all go out to lunch together. These people who mean the world to me stopping to say it back, love!


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