Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What We Wore Wednesday

Either I am photo bombed by children or cats, it never seems to fail when I take pictures indoors. This outfit looked cuter with the shoes (see picture below for the shoes I wore with it). I was so excited when I found these pants because they matched so well with the belt attached to this thrift store top.  
I love these shoes, I know I have said it before but I really do. The flower I added to them gets comments every time I wear them. I love this outfit except for the Target sweater is really starting to wear on the sleeve edges which is not great.
Mouse's outfit is partially from her favorite store, the dress is from Justice. The blazer is from Target and the shoes were hand-me-downs from a co-worker of mine. Those are my favorite kind of shoes.
Again I can't say enough how I am glad that Mouse never seems to mind hand-me-downs or thrift shop clothes, it makes things so easier.
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~ Cassi

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