Monday, October 14, 2013

Dad's Pizza Oven

Did I ever tell you we have our own fire roasted pizza oven? OK we may not have it our backyard but having it my parents is the next best thing. And when cooking at my parents nothing is done half way. 
We start with homemade pizza dough. This time we had garlic / herb and plain crusts. 

Then my Mom made pizza sauce from scratch. Think lots of crushed tomatoes and garlic. If you can't tell my Mom believes all savory food should have some amount of garlic in it. 

Once the crust was par-cooked in the oven, we added the sauce and the toppings. For this we really get inventive at times, but this was not one of them. Mostly we stuck with red sauce, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and cheese. Once the toppings are on then it is time for the oven. 
Here is the pizza oven. My Dad built this oven out of brick, mortar and concrete. He also added stone and clay tiles for decoration. He starts by getting the oven nice and hot, then moves the wood off to the side to make room for the pizzas. 
I love the look of the pizza's cooking. They take about 6 minutes to cook once in the oven. 
This is how they turn out. Perfectly brown and slightly crispy crust. This one of my favorite styles of pizza. It's chicken, white sauce and green olives. YUM!
What is your favorite toppings?
~ Cassi
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