Friday, October 18, 2013

Celebrating and relaxing

I've talked a few times about Steve being laid off this summer, well we finally have good news. He got a new job this past week. Praising God for this.
This past week my brother and his family moved into their new home also. 
Which means in the past few days our lives suddenly when back to normal.
So, we celebrated with new wine from Apothic wines. Seriously so good!! It's a limited run so go grab some soon. Then we just hung out at home with no worries or stress underneath the current of everything else. 
We also did some other stuff, that we can't mention yet. Mouse and Steve are making the most out of their last days together before he goes back to work. And now he can do those things without the worry that he should be looking for a job or not spending money or all the other things that people worry about.
We also are starting to get back into our projects so you will see more DIY posts coming up.
As for this weekend, we are surprising Mouse tonight with a historical reenactment and mystery tour. She is going to be so excited.
I hope you all have a great relaxing weekend too.
~ Cassi
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