Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What We Wore Wednesday

Yep, school started so it's back to what we wore. Since summer is a non-dressed up time for the Mouse, it's fun for me to see her get all dolled up for school again.
I think the first day of school outfit is my favorite outfit of the year. Mouse really looked cute this year too. She wore her new favorite shirt from her Aunt Jaime and sparkly pink flats.

Mouse loves cat shirts and her style must be rubbing off on me because last week I picked up this shirt. 
It's a fox shirt!! A year ago I may never have picked out this shirt but this year I couldn't pass it up. 
I did realize that I should not take a picture of myself in gauchos and no heels. 
I have to say I am soo glad Mouse's style has rubbed off on me. I am in love with the shirt. 

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~ Cassi

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