Monday, September 23, 2013

The Musketeer vs. Three Musketeers

The 2001 movie version does not leave you wanting for over the top action scenes. Which is a perfect fit to Dumas book of crazy antics.
As part of this month's participation in The Classics Retold, hosted by Bookish Whimsy. I am reviewing Dumas's Three Musketeers and its adaptations. Read the book review here
My first movie review is The Musketeer with Justin Chambers as D'Artagan and Mina Suvari as his love interest. Lets start with the parts that match the book. The antics of the characters are right on par with the book. They are drunk, annoying at times and over the top impossible combat scenes. As IMDb describes it "Alexander Dumas with an Eastern influence", and that is exactly how it feels. But weirdly that fits with the way Dumas had his characters.
Another area that fits is D'Artagan's instant love, in this adaption to Francesca. It stays true to the story that a girl who lives in the village with an ear to the Queen, but here it does veer from the book. She is a niece to the man she lives with. This version skips over the musketeers are all hooking up with married people. Which I can say I prefer over the book, no matter if the book was probably more true to the time.
Another area it differed was in there was no servants doing all of the work for the Musketeers. Again I am fine with that, the treatment of the servants really got on my nerves with the book, so I am OK with them not being in the movie.
Overall, I would recommend the movie to any Musketeer fan. It's a decent remake with a lot of action that keeps you interested. But don't watch it if you are hoping for a lot character development you will not find it here.

~ Cassi

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