Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Time Foods

Time for InstaFriday
Not only does Minnesota have four season we also have four food seasons. I love summer food season. In our house we definitely eat better during the summer months. More salads and lighter meals but we temper that with a lot more desserts!
Summer means ice cream for most places but I think we may appreciated it more after not eating anything to make us colder the rest of the year.
My parents came by yesterday for dinner and brought us Dilly Bars for dessert. Oh were they good!
This past weekend we headed, in true Minnesotan terms, 'up north' to Lake Superior for some camping and hiking. But no trip up there, so we've heard, is complete with out a stop at Betty's Pies.
We each got one of their styles of pies, chocolate cream for Mouse, multi-berry with double crusts for me and rhubarb berry with a crumble top for Steve. 
 Mouse thought hers was the best by far!
We also start the season of grill food. We like to try our different recipes while camping. This time we made flatbread pizza over the fire. I think I perfected the tinfoil pizza oven on this trip.  
What types of food do you like to eat in the summer?
~ Cassi

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