Monday, August 19, 2013

Painted Vases

This month I tried my hand at painted vases. I am sure you've seen it around Pinterest a few times and a few more. Even though it seems to be done a lot lately I still thought the idea was great and it gave me a use for some old vases. 
Here is how you do these painted vase things
First if you are anything like me and never use the plain glass ones yours are filthy dirty and need a good washing. Then they need to dry and be wiped down so there is no water marks. 
Next pour a whole bunch of paint into the base of the vase. I chose metallic gold, bronze and pewter for my paint colors. I thought they would be neutral enough to use all year and still match my house colors. 
Then you start swirling the paint down the sides. This takes a lot of time, not kidding here. I had to add more paint, then more paint, then I took a brush to help it along. Now this could be because my paint was pretty old, I was going for what I had on hand for this project. 
After awhile it starts getting to the edges. This part I also had to use a brush with yo get the bend completely covered. But in the end I am glad I did it. I will definitely use them more now that they are pretty. 
I love how the metallic really shines under the glass. 

As you can see on the gold one the paint was a bit old and clumpy but I still like the finished product. 

What do you think?
~ Cassi
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