Thursday, August 15, 2013

Edits, Edits and more Edits

For the past two weeks most nights you will find scrunched up to our coffee table on the floor staring at a 16 inch monitor. In the background "Law & Order" is playing on theTV and my eyes are focused on the hunreds of pictures in front of me.
Some of you may know that I have my own photography business, besides working full time and this blog. That business is strictly part time, but it gives me a fun creative outlet and a bit of spending cash.
Though anyone who has ever shot a wedding knows that it doesn't always feel part time.
But I have gotten into an editing groove, editing and "Law & Order" it just seems to work for me.
And for now I just have to for go my normal blog posts till I have to time to work on them again.

~ Cassi

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