Monday, August 12, 2013

Camper of the Year

Mouse just finished up her three week long summer camp at St Thomas University. Each year students from Mouse's school are chosen to participate in the Nation Youth Sports Program (NYSP) held at St Thomas. This was Mouse's year to be chosen for the program.
We looked over the programs offered through NYSP and decided to enroll her in the World Culture Camp. I liked that it offered a mix of academic and athletics.
At the end of the three weeks they invited the parents to attend a program designed by the kids. There was Chinese Dragons, Scottish dancing and African Song and dance. Mouse's group did two performances one was a song in French and the other a play of German fairytale. 
 The highlight for Mouse was being chosen by her Coach as the camper of the year. He said she was a true leader and called her "Captain".  She truly loves to lead and be the teacher's pet. So the award was perfect for her. And as a parent it is always great to hear someone else praise your kid.
The camps focus is to integrate traditional students with non-traditional students. We live on the far reaches of Minnesota suburbia so Mouse doesn't get a lot of cultural mixing in her daily school life. I was so excited to hear her talk about her new friends with names and backgrounds that were new to her. I hope she always stays so open to diversity.
~ Cassi

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