Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Wants!

The idea of spring is what pushes us Minnesotans through the winter. Cabin fever is setting in hard here. And the stores are no help, all their pretty colors and light fabrics make me just want to buy, buy, buy!
What is it that I want to buy so much? Here is peek at my top spring items in my wish list.

1. Anthropologie Pants
I can not begin to describe to you how much I want these pants. If anyone would have told me two years ago I would be saving my pennies for polk-a-dotted ankle pants I would have laughed at them. But that is what I am doing. Maybe not this brand since my budget doesn't extend to Anthropologie but I will find a cheaper version I promise.

2. Forever 21 Dress
I love that the color of the year is Emerald. With my skin tone and reddish hair this color works great for me. I also am wanting some more dresses like this. They make great transition pieces, throw a sweater and tights on and you have a cold weather look. I just wish my body style worked with Forever 21 and this style of dress.

3. Target Gray Booties
I have been wanting a pair of grey ankle boots for so long and haven't found the perfect pair yet. I wish they actually had these ones at the store for me to try on. I love the mix of dainty boot and studs.
Looking through this last section I might have an issue with polk-a-dots. I have been a little crazy for them lately.

Not sure if you are a Recipe for Crazy blog follower but if not you should be, her and her sister Ashley Ann have to be two biggest blog loves. When I saw this print of Lesley's, I just fell in love. The only reason I haven't bought it yet is because I still haven't figured out the layout of wall art for our upstairs living room. Also the colors may be just off enough to really not match our living room. But oh how I love this and the quote is so great too.  

What is on your wish list this spring?

~ Cassi

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