Monday, March 18, 2013

Scooby Doo And Putt

Once a year Steve and I spend a day in costume and laughter with friends. Each year Minneapolis has a fun day of mini-golfing through the bars. But to take it to the next level you are asked to do it in costume. Which I think is my favorite part of the day. 
I have been participating in this for the last four years but this year I think we out did our selves in authentic looking costumes. 
Here is what we came up with. Me as Daphnee, Steve as Shaggy, Maggie as Velma and her husband Chris as Fred. Maggie at this point would probably like me to point out that Chris did have a big blonde wig he was suppose to wear but turned it down at the last minute. I like to point out that Maggie and I never buy pre-made costumes this is all individual pieces. 
I chose Daphnee as I have the longest hair out of the group. To get it this orange I took some hair chalk and orange hairspray, then spent the first hour of my day making it orange. For the dress I took a purple thrift store find, shortened and added the pale purple stripes. Finishing it off with thrift store scarf and Target tights and purple shoes. 
Maggie made sure we didn't forget little Scooby.
We always have such a good time with them. 
Here's the The Mystery Machine!

~ Cassi
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