Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not like her Momma

I have never been so proud to write that. In so many ways Mouse and I are alike, ways I never imagined. But in one way she is becoming her own person this woman child of mine.
A month ago now Mouse came home and informed us of the big news. It had finally happened, boys have started to enter the vision of her life.
"You see there is this boy on the bus he's a year old than me. He said he has a crush on me" She tells us. "See Mom I am just like you, an older boy likes me." Steve is older than me and so was the first boy which post she read. I asked her what she said to the boy in response. "Oh, that's nice."

What that was all?!? I am surprised by her answer. Did she not feel this need to say I like you back just because he said it first. So I asked and her response made this Mommy heart so proud.
"I only like him as a friend. I barely know him. You have to know someone a really long time before you can like them more than a friend."

No, sweetheart you are not like your Momma and I couldn't be happier about that. You see I was always the boy crazy one. Falling in and out of "love" like it was no big deal. But you my sweet woman child already figured out the part that took your Mom 30 some years to understand. Love is more than an automated response back or for anyone that says they love you. But real love is something you build to and treasure.

Thank you child of mine for not being just like me.

~ Cassi

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