Friday, March 8, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration Week ~ Day Five

My family has to be Pinterest crazy. We always checking the site for ideas, recipes and just for fun. So this week I am doing my Pinterest Inspired posts. These will be from various pins through out our Pinterest File.

It was definately time to get my roots done againa nd with spring on it's way I thought it was time to start going lighter again. When I saw this pin or this pin I knew it was what I wanted.

Which is really just a shade lighter then I currently am. And the dark top keeps me from needing a touch up so often. Now if those pesky white hairs would quit growing I would be much better.
Then my friend and hair stylist comes over and does her magic. And I end up with this...

I love it! She does such a good job. The picture just doesn't do all the shades justice.

And there ends my week of Pinterest Inspiration, hope you've enjoyed it.

~ Cassi

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