Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration Week ~ Day Four

My family has to be Pinterest crazy. We always checking the site for ideas, recipes and just for fun. So this week I am doing my Pinterest Inspired posts. These will be from various pins through out our Pinterest File.

Another area I use Pinterest is for Scrapbooking inspiration. I am always looking for new styles and products. In this Pin, I loved all the different patterns and lengths.  

When using Pinterest or any inspiration piece you don't have to follow it exactly. You want to have your own spin to the project. As in this case I had to make a few adjustments to mine layout, my pictures were to big to do a vertical design. So I switched it up a bit and did the multi-strips off to the side.  

I also do mostly two page layouts, which really seem to be a thing of the past but I take to many pictures to only do one page.

Hope this inspires you to check out Pinterest next time you are scrapbooking.
~ Cassi

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