Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sesame Street Live and First Dates

February is the month of love and Blogher is asking us what our stories of love. Starting off with our first time we fell in love. So I may not have truly been in love in what I know it to be now but it's the story I tell when people ask.

I don't even know if my memories of that time are real or not but here is what I do remember. It starts when I was about four. Down the street lived the neighbor boy he was about 6, yep even back then I liked them older. His name was Alex. My Mom watched him during the day, so we were together  a lot. But just for the summer, his Mom lived in New York and his Dad here so he only came for the summers. I look back on him as my first love. He was a good boyfriend and let me ride the two wheeler and he rode the tricycle.

In my memories the date happened like this; I remember him and his step-mom coming to our house one night to ask if I would like to go with them to see Sesame Street Live. My first date!

Then like in the movie Grease "Summer Love" was over. His family moved to Arizona not long after our date. But I will always remember that time, you never forget your first crush.

~ Cassi

Written as part of the NaBloPoMo February blogging prompts. I didn't want to do every day's prompts but it is fun for a few. 

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