Friday, February 22, 2013

Mouse's Week

Mouse had a tough day last week.  There is a girl on her bus that was picking on her and a friend. I am proud of how she handled it. She asked the girl a few times to stop but that seemed to make it get worse. So according to Mouse and others on her bus, she stood up and informed the bus driver that he need to move the girl. Thankfully the bus driver knew this girl's style and believed Mouse and moved her to the front. But conflict like that takes a lot out of our little girl and she was in tears by the time she got off the bus.

We live in a tight neighborhood and this was one of those times I was so happy for it. The neighbor kids rallied around Mouse on the bus. Then after they called and checked on her. I am hoping Mouse remebers that from the week more than one bully.
So this past week we spent a little more quiet time together as a family. Mouse and I had tea and ginger snaps  while working on crafts. Spent a little more time in hugs. Reminding her that she is beyond measure in our eyes and God's. Her worth is not made up in the eyes of her peers.

And here is one last picture of Mouse just to add some humor to an otherwise reflective post.
We are getting ready for our family vacation. Mouse is going to learn to snorkel!

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~ Cassi

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