Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chocolate Covered Cherries

What is your favorite candy? That is the NaBloPoMo question of the day.
I knew exactly which candy to talk about. Chocolate Covered Cherries!
My Mom and I are always buying each other boxes. It's been our favorite for as long as I can remember. But it has to be a certain kind. Not the ones with just the liquid, it has to be the ones with the cream filling for me.
I love them so much that at one time when I was designing and sewing clothes for Mouse I made an outfit around the theme of Chocolate Covered Cherries.
Here is a picture of here in the outfit during her pageant days. And another one just cause it's cute. She still has that pink dog too.
So just a hint Steve, I do so love those Chocolate Covered Cherries.
February is the month of love and Blogher is asking us what our stories of love. Written as part of the NaBloPoMo February blogging prompts. I didn't want to do every day's prompts but it is fun for a few.
~ Cassi

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