Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What We Wore Wednesday

I have realized that when I pick out outfits for Mouse that they tend to have the same feel as the outfits I have been wearing. If I am wearing more brights then she is wearing more bright colors as in this past week I was wearing more earth tones so she did too. 

I happened to have loved how this outfit came together. I did muted color blocking with the cream top, green skirt and beige sweater. The brown necklace, belt and boots completed the look. As I said I loved it, my Mom and Steve both weren't to sure about it. 
 I have been buying more blazers lately. The blazer jean look works really well at my new work. I also love that on days like it has been where it is snowy and cold, I can wear my winter boots all day.
On one of the days where it warmed up for a little bit Mouse wore a cut mixture of lace and boots. I loved the combo of floral and lace with the western style skirt. 
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