Monday, January 28, 2013

Sneaking in Art Time

Since we finished the craft room, I have been trying to make a more conscious effort to do more art. Whether that is sewing, scrap-booking or painting it doesn't matter as long as I am spending time being creative.

I have also been getting Mouse to focus on more creative outlets too. Letting her use whatever supplies she wants in the room to create. Trying not to say no when Mouse wants me to join her at times that are not the most convenient to me.

One of the things we have had fun doing is looking up art journals on Pinterest and trying them out for ourselves. I know Pinterest gets a bad rap (so do blogs for that matter) for giving people unrealistic expectations. But some of it if used to inspire and not compare is great. The ideas that flow from there are endless.

Mouse loved the bird design in the right corner. So we set the Ipad out on the table and she used it for inspiration in her own art journal.
She used colored pencils and markers to create piece.
I love her little blue bird. And that she is learning to add thoughts to her work. I hope this trend continues.
Here is the finished piece. Not it's not exact to the Pinterest one, but that is the point, it's there it inspire. To bring about your own ideas. Take time today to create. 

~ Cassi 

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