Friday, January 18, 2013


Have you had one of those weeks that goes by so fast that your are stuck trying to remember what you did? I feel like that has been my week. Maybe that is what makes Instagram so great, that you can take a quick look back over your week and remember the highlights.

One of the highlights was our Pastor's sermon this week. We are working our way through the whole Bible and I am always delighted in how he works each section we are on into his sermon. As good as they are I still need to do something while trying to focus on the sermon. This time I worked more on my handwriting/ typography.

Being the Dr Who fans that we are. I love to tease Steve with quotes from the show. This time I left him an instagram one.
"Bowties are Cool"
I also had the please of going to a blessing shower a lady at our church. She just had a little boy. It was also a great excuse to try out a new recipe. Hot Chocolate Popovers! I love popovers and marshmallows so I thought this would be great. Everyone seemed to love them. But I thought they were lacking a little bit.

 The last highlight for my week was having a girls night with a good friend. She had never seen The Saint! I know, how do you get through life without seeing Val in all his glory in that movie. So we broke open cheap champagne and settled in for a night movies. It was great. I can't wait to do it more.

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~ Cassi

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