Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What We Wore Wednesday

Do you ever have one of those outfit that you actually feel trendy in? I had one of those days in this outfit.

Unfortunately, I was wearing it at the hospital while we waited for news on my Dad heart. He was in for an angiogram and possible stint. It was the first time my Dad was in for something really serious. You see he has a lot of anxiety issues so normally that is all that is wrong. But this time it was real and scary.

Then God stepped in and gave him and us some good news. The style of blockage was one that a stint was not needed. A big wait was lifted. It was a day of much thanksgiving.

Ok, I know most of you came here today for fashion. But I wanted to share the day too. Back to the trendy, it is something I don't feel I pull o ff well. Steve was also going trendy that day.
Doesn't he look good!?! I love that jacket on him.
How about you do you have an outfit that just makes you feel trendy?

What are you wearing? Find out what the rest of blogland is wearing by linking up with the Pleated Poppy (What I Wore Wednesday)

~ Cassi

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