Friday, December 21, 2012


I obsessed love books. Everything about them makes me smile. The look, smell, feel of a book in my hand is magical. There is something about the mystery of a book that makes me want to open every one of them.

When I started working at the University I never really considered the books. But I have come to love the U with it's hidden stacks of books every where you turn.
UMN Historical Exhibit
 Walls of books, so old that they just call for you peer in with gentle hands and see what they have to tell you. Even walls of past textbooks make an impression on me. 

UMN Historical Exhibit (Nursing School Cape)

Couple that with the history that surrounds me here. The past seeps through at every turn. Begging to be explored. To learn the classics

Typograph made by me for Mouse
To quote Shakespeare and Bronte, to discover Tesla, to observe like Doyle. I long for days to wonder amongs the stacks to drink in the life that is offered through these books.

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~ Cassi

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