Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, my day to reflect

Fridays I fluctuate between Five Minute Fridays and InstaFriday. But we are all community here, right? They can be combined into one post.
So I write for Five minute, no edits, no re dos and at the end I will see if there are pictures from this week that match the words of this week.

Topic: Voice

Sometimes I wonder why I blog. I wonder if I have a story to tell. But then I remember that I do it for me. It's my voice. Though it may be heard but few it is still me (us) being poured out into the great unknown. Sharing our life, the trials and the joys.
It is through this voice that I have been able to grow. It is through this voice that I am able to remember.
I can rewalk the paths I have taken. 
Path around the lake this weekend

Sometimes it is easy to remember just the bad or just the good. But it is here that I can remember both. It is here in this voice that I can remember the funny too.

Emu following us while geocaching
 But it is also here that I can share the wonder. The times through out our week that make us stop and marvel and what God is doing in our lives, even when we aren't looking. 
Light shining down was pointing at the hidden treasure Mouse found.
This voice gives me the opportunity to share all of this. But it reminds me to stop through out the day to capture it so I can share it. And I think that has been the best part of finding my voice here.

On the grounds of my new employment, I love working on campus.

Join up on either or both groups. Or just go check out what the others are sharing.

~ Cassi

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