Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter to my teenage self

Dear younger self

I know you are expecting me to tell you not to do this or to do this. And I would love to tell you to go to college right after graduation. Tell you to not waste time on that guy. To travel more and try new things more.

But that would have been a before the Fires letter. Before your life truly changed. Since then I can tell you what is more important.

I am able to tell you that marriage is worth fighting for. That it's not going to be perfect and romantic all the time but it's still good.

I can tell you that you need to cultivate a strong group of girl friends. The kind you can call and cry to. The kind you can laugh with.

I want to tell you that yes you are going to make some (and have already) bad decisions. Those decisions are going to cut deep. They are the type that have consequences that leave you scared of the dark and up at night. Forgive yourself

Forgive others

But without those pains you won't be where I am now. And I can tell you she's worth it.
And she is growing up just like you. So maybe behaving a little bit more would be good.

In the end I just want to say you make out ok don't worry so much, you have a strong faith, a strong marriage and an amazing daughter. So don't dwell on what has happened (no matter how much you regret it) and don't dwell on the future so much either. It's going to be fine.

~ Your older self

Emily wrote a book for teen girls, and then she wrote a letter. Then she invited us to write our own letters.  So I did. Check out the other letters.

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