Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was the big day! My first paid wedding. Just to make sure you aren't all thinking poor bride. This wasn't my first wedding. I have been a second shooter at a friends weddings and shot my brother's wedding last year.
But this was still crazy scary.
For those of you who don't know,  I started my photography business in December. I have been loving it. But all other style of pictures can be redone. A wedding is a one shot deal. Nerve Racking!!

Not that I should have been scared. Jaci and Brent have been loyal clients and stead fast supports in this new venture of mine. In fact it was a lot of Jaci's pushing that I went from hobby to professional in photography.

I also shouldn't have been nervous with a bride and groom so laid back. They were so calm and had lots of laughs for their friends and family. It was also gorgeous, the weather was beautiful and the decorations.

Look at these center pieces.
Aren't they great. Jaci and Brent got married outside in northern Wisconsin in area they both love to vacation at and wanted to share the natural beauty of the area with all their friends. They accomplished that perfectly.

Check out my professional blog next week to see some sneak peeks of their wedding pictures.

~ Cassi

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