Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hair Twists

This week for what I wore I realized I have no outfit posts! What how could that happen. Well let me tell you. I have explained how my office is freezing cold all day. To give you an idea I am wearing dress pants, a shirt and a sweater with a heated blanket at the office today. But once I leave the office I am melting in this 90 + weather and above 70% humidity. Which means I rush home and quickly change from my now damp and wrinkled outfit to shorts and a tank top or sometime straight to pajamas (boxer shorts and a tank top).
With this heat I am working on creative ways to keep my hair up off my neck. Here is a style I use to do all the time in high school and thought it was time to bring it back.

I start by making two pony tails close together at the back of my head. Then I take about 1 inch sections and twist until they curl up upon themselves. Once twisted I bobby pin them in place. I go through both ponytails this way until all the hair is twisted. Make sure you are covering the sides so no one sees the binders. And I take some of the center ones and curl them on top of others to add dimension.
And that is my twisted summer up do.

What are you wearing? Find out what the rest of blogland is wearing by linking up with the Pleated Poppy

 ~ Cassi

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