Friday, July 27, 2012

Insta Friday ~ Mouse's Week

This week I seemed to take mostly just pictures of Mouse. So let me talk about Mouse's week.
We started with a trip to Wisconsin for the wedding I was shooting. Before the wedding we ran into town and did some shopping. We also stopped at this amazing nursery. They had the most beautiful grounds.

Then we headed off to the wedding. Mouse ran around and danced her heart out through the night. She even got to sing with the band. By the end of the night she was worn out, so much so that she was a sleep before we left the parking lot.
 The next day we headed home but not with out some stop along the way to Geocache! I am so glad we picked up this hobby. Mouse was a little nervous to cross this bridge at first. The slats were far apart and you could see down to the stream, but the cache was on the other side. So she pushed through and found the cache.
Then Monday was the big day, she got BRACES! Suddenly my little girl doesn't look so little anymore. She had a hard time the first day but is getting better with them. She chose dusty blue as her color to start with. Which is better than her first chose which was green. She would always look like she got spinach in her teach. Blue is much better.  

And then the rest of the week got away from us, so I have no other pictures. Tonight we are off to dinner with friends. And then tomorrow is up north to fish with family friends.

Well that was my week. How was yours?

See what picture did you take this week? Link up with Life Rearranged.
~ Cassi
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