Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Present for a little Teacher

This weekend my daughter was invited to a friend's birthday party. When we asked the little girl what she likes to do she said play school.

Mouse and decided to put together a teacher gift for her. This same little girl loves to wear one of Mouse's aprons when she is at our house. So we planned a teacher apron and some school gifts.

Mouse's only requirement was that the apron had an A on it. The friend's name starts with A and it works for A as in Apple.

I took some plain muslin and cut it to size for a half apron. We picked out ruffles in primary colors and then added them to the bottom. Mouse wanted the apron to have a pocket for her too. That was added using the same fabric as the base. Then I ironed on an apple. To finish the front I hand embroidered an A just to the apple and the pocket so she could still use all of the pocket.
For the ties I used some vintage binding I had taken from my Grandmother's stash. I was quite excited to use this up.

To finish off the gift we added a small white board and easel, a pointer and dry erase markers. It went over great the friend loved and was wearing when we arrived to pick up Mouse.

~ Cassi
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