Monday, July 9, 2012

Hoop Art Tutorial

We go camping a lot which I love but I have been looking for something to work on while driving and sitting around the fire. I think I have found my new hobby. Hoop Art!
Hoop art is kind of the modern day embroidery . I have been so inspired by the works of this gal and this one.

I want to start with a simple pattern and I knew I want to mix in some fabric.
I started by picking a background fabric and hoop size. (yes, that is a second one behind there more on that one later) Then  I wrote out Grace on the fabric.

 After this part was embroidered I added some fabric a in pennant style.

 Finishing it off with a grey floss stitch.

Wanting to know more about embroidery stitch styles go here.
 Just wait I will have more styles soon. I am loving this new pass time.

~ Cassi

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