Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday ~ Story

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Topic: Story

I want to be a journalor (is that even a word). But I just can't seem to make it a habit.
Maybe I do in the context of the blog. But this not the truly personal or at least not right away. But I seem to think more than I write.

I have tried to get my story out a few time times. Steve and I bought journals in the midst of the Fires. They have a few pages of notes in them.
Then I saw Art Journals and  I thought yes, that is for me. This lets my creative side out and I will write while I create. I have about 5 pages done since January, I guess I missed a few days.

Then I saw Smash Journals and I thought this is it. They are do what you please type journaling. Because, you know, the blank pages of the others were to restricting. I can say our travel smash journals are the most I have come to journaling so far. Though they are less smash and more scrapbooking. But for now it's a start.
I am trying to get Mouse to journal more. She loves the idea of it. Mostly I think she likes to buy journals, diaries and sketch books. But in my desire for her to have a place of her own to write I keep buying them.

I guess like her I keep hoping that it will be the vessel that prompts me to tell my story as beautifully as the ladies here do. Someday maybe I will realize that it is my story not the vessel that is import.

Then again maybe I need to go get a new journal.

~ Cassi

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