Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July

I hope you all are enjoying your Independence today. We will be enjoying a day of sleeping in.
Then some relaxing time reading and drinking coffee.
I also want to do some one on one time with Mouse. Steve is visiting with a friend from AZ in the afternoon which will give us plenty of girl time. Maybe we'll do a little of this:
Then we'll head over to the neighbors for a potluck. I will be making this recipe:

I am sure we'll see a little of this from the neighbors.
OK, nothing that elaborate but our neighbors do seem to have a competition going with the other neighbors. And actually it kind of scares us with our house in between. I don't really want to call the fire department.

But all that is fun but we will take time out to remember why today is so important.
Because someone is always paying the price for our freedom

~ Cassi

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