Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta Friday

I thought I would mix it up a little this week and participate in Insta Friday link up.

life rearranged 

This week has been so busy but a good busy. I am going to start the week on Saturday. Steve and I went out for dinner got a good look at the sky and decided to get take out instead. By the time we got into the restaurant to get our food we were drenched. The lady even gave me a towel! This was our view on the drive back home.
Sunday we celebrated our 12 year anniversary with friends from church. It was such a great way to start the week. I brought this strawberry / banana / angel food cake trifle for dessert. It was a huge hit.  
This week for work has been crazy busy! Everyone thinks Minnesota has four seasons but really we have two Road Construction and No Road Construction. This year we've out done ourselves in the amount of construction areas going on. In fact it has increased my commute by 30 minutes every morning. Thank you State shut down. Last year our state had a shut down stalling projects so this year they are trying to recoup some of the down time. Here I am trying to smile through it. 
The other crazy busy part of work has been once I got there. Part of my job is to do quarterly business reviews for all of our branches (22 of them) in 6 states. I spend about two weeks collecting all the data and arranging it for presentation and analysis. Then I spent this week going over it with each branch, this takes about a full week. This is what I look at all day! 
Minnesota has also had some major rain this week. Starting this weekend and about every other day since. I don't mind I love the rain. Bring it on I say! I am ready..
Wellies: Check
Cute Trench: Check
Good Book: Check
Coffee or Tea: Check 
Mouse wants her nails painted all the time. It is the one thing I am just not a fan of. This coming from someone who at one time did this for a living. But it is so pointless, the stuff comes off so fast on her little fingers. But last night I surprised her with matching Mommy Daughter nails. Though we let Dad pick out the color, not sure if that was a good idea, but she loved it. 
This morning I got to see Mouse off to school and for once we were ready ahead of time. So her and I sat out on the front patio. It was such a relaxing way to start out the day. Wish it was every day. 

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