Monday, May 7, 2012

We are back

We have been in California for the past week. Steve and I took Mouse on a trip to the Redwood Forest. Since we've been gone for a week this week is mass catch up. I have a huge project at work and two photo shoots this week. So in order to get all that done I thought I would share with you all some thoughts and photos of our trip.

The view from the plane was gorgeous.  

 Mouse patiently waiting for the flight to San Francisco.

Our first view of Golden Gate Bridge. For a better picture check out my picture on Instagram.

 Steve started out the drive on a fun note, with a great quote. "No wonder California Cows are happy they get to look at palm trees." Though I missed the palm tree in the picture, I had to get a picture of the cows.

 We decided to take the 128 out to the Coastal highway 1. I loved the drive through the switchbacks, the other two not so much. This was the shot I got on one of our numerous stops. You see right after this picture started a round of car sickness between Mouse and Steve. Making it so I had to drive the switchbacks. And if you know my driving record you know it had to be bad for Steve to want me to drive! 
 This beach was beautiful. I had been looking forward to the coastal drive in planning this trip. And this lived up to my expectations. I wish Steve and Mouse could have enjoyed it more. More on our trip tomorrow.

~ Cassi

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