Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adventures in food - Tomatoes

I do not like tomatoes, in the raw form.  Surprisingly, lately I have been trying them more and more in foods and generally liking them. 
A little history, growing up everyone in my family ate tomatoes.  I was the odd one out.  We had tomatoes just sliced on a plate, tomatoes in stews and hot dishes.  My dad grew tomatoes so they were plentiful.  I could not get over the consistency of the tomato and the taste never won me over either.

A few months ago I really started liking avocados.  Cassi makes a really good guacamole and I would always push the tomato parts around, or try to not scoop them up.  Both Mouse and Cassi would tease me about my distaste for tomatoes.  I decided to take the chance, grow up a bit, and stop moving around the tomatoes so they don't end up on my chip.  Mixed with all the ingredients in the home made guacamole I can stand them.  Then this week I ordered a chicken sandwich with no tomato slice.  The sandwich had guacamole which is what I really wanted. When the sandwich arrived the waitress apologized for the tomatoes in the guacamole, but I said that was alright, can't make guacamole without tomatoes, right!?  The sandwich was good, and the small pieces of tomatoes were good, not overpowering.  Next step is a cherry tomato...maybe...


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