Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday ~ Coral and Brown

Most days I have a work outfit and a home outfit. But there are days when I need to do a quick change from work to going out. This outfit is one I decided did not work that well as a work outfit. But did much better in the date night outfit.
Brown Jacket: Very old from New York & Co
Pants same place
Coral shirt: Sadly I think I got the shirt there too.Hmmm I may shop there more than I realize.
Tank top is from Target.

I love the ruffle sleeves on the shirt. Which would work in the weather we are having now but not when these pictures were taken, thus the jacket.
So to go out I added jeans: American Rag; Boots: Bass Outlet and a belt from Target.
Yep much better outfit than the work version. I wish my boss would understand that jeans can look good. Than I could wear this version to work too.

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