Sunday, March 18, 2012

Personal Pillows

Do you have some shirts that you just can't get rid of? Steve and I both have a few that hold sentimental value long after they were wearable. OK, in truth I still wear two as pajamas. At first we thought of framing out a few of the logo shirts. Then we decided to make pillows out of them. I picked up some pillow forms.
Then cut the shirt and sweatshirt to fit. Steve was an old biking sweatshirt. Mine was my was my Grandfather's flannel. It is one of the few items I have left of him. He passed away when I was 17.
Once I pinned the shirts right side together, I sewed them together. Then flipped them around and stuffed in the pillow forms. Finished the seam and done!
I am so glad we are able to enjoy them and still feel them.

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