Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crash and Drip

Monday morning Cassi woke up to a picture falling in our bathroom.  The picture frame is 22x28 and heavy.  Over time the bracket holding the frame up came loose from the wood.  This frame was over the toilet.  After realizing the sound that woke her was the picture falling, Cassi moved it out of the bathroom.  Later that morning she told me what woke her up.  I was just glad the whole frame did not break.  Then I got home...and went up to the bathroom and stepped into a puddle of water.  Oh no, I thought, where is this coming from.  My worst fear was that the copper plumbing broke and was leaking water.  I looked behind the toilet and saw that the picture frame had bent the decorative cap that covered the water pipe hole.  After removing the decorative cap I was relieved to see that the copper pipe was in good condition.  Now to find out why water was still leaking.  I checked all the fittings and all were tight, then looked at the water bowl of the toilet.  The water was coming from that.  I thought more about what the bent cap did and I realized that it pushed the plumbing pipe out enough to change how the fitting sat for the toilet bowl.  I reset the fitting and water after a few flushes.  Whew, no big plumbing issue! 

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