Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines ~ Letters to us

Dear Steve
There were times through out this year that I didn't think we'd make it to these day. We have put so much effort and time into our marriage this year and I can say it is paying off. We have gone from two separate people raising a daughter to a family.
The changes you have been making are amazing. I love that you are trying to become more of a leader in our home. Which is really something I never though I would say, but feminism aside, it is exactly what I want and didn't know it.
Mostly this Valentines I wanted to thank you for fight for us, for our marriage and for our family.
Here's to more days of love to celebrate.
~ Cassi

The past year has been up and down.  I think more of the ups.  More time with us, date nights, lunches and more time as a family.  We have done a lot in the past year, learned more about us and finished a basement!  Spent nights with TV marathons of Psych and Law and Order.  I cherish these times, times on the couch, together, not in individual rooms doing our own things.  I also cherished the adventure of camping.  We camped a lot and created many good family memories.
Thank you for being there, for challenging me. 
I look forward to many more date nights, more family time and being there for you on any adventure we take.
Love - Steve
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