Friday, February 17, 2012

Five Minute Fridays~ Delight

It's Friday with Lisa - Jo and that means it's time to write. We write for five minutes unedited on one topic. Then link up with the rest at The Gypsy Mama.
Topic: Delight

This winter has been mild for Minnesota. Today will get to forty again. (Yes, that is mild) It has been easy to Delight in the days.
I am a spring through fall person. Winter is not my style. In fact if I had to pick just one season to live in. It would be spring. I love the smell of the damp earth. The mist hitting your face in the time before day and night. I love tights and wellies and light jackets.
I can Delight easily this winter when it feels like spring.
But I need to learn to Delight in all seasons.
Every day isn't perfect.
Some days the mist is sleet stinging my cheeks.
But there is a reason for each season of my life
I need to trust that there is something to Delight in each one. 
a picture of Mouse just because

~ Cassi

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