Thursday, February 2, 2012

Church group study option

Cassi and I have been small group leaders at our church this year.  Our first class was based on the sermon our pastor was giving.  When that class was complete it was up to us to find topics to continue the small group study.  Cassi wanted to do Go Fish by Andy Stanley.  We all agreed to the study and thought this was great.  Then came time to find the next study theme, well we decided to stick with the Andy Stanley series.

This is a nice study option, there is a video that can last 15 minutes for the sermon highlights or the in depth video that runs about 45 minutes.  The nice option we found is the videos can be used right from Andy's church website for Free (key word there, the DVDs can get spendy)

The link goes to the available messages.  Opening an option shows how many parts, or weeks, the message is and it also provides discussion questions.  This has come in handy with the last study we did titled Text.  It was a short three week study on reading the Bible.   We borrowed the DVD from a church member but it had no study or discussion guide.  We were able to find what we needed for the study right on the Northpoint website.

We will be doing two more studies from Andy Stanley before our small group ends for the summer.  If your small group is stuck and needs something fresh to discuss check out the options available from the Northpoint website.  We are always looking for more study options.  Let us know what you have been studying!
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