Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Decorating

This year we have taken it easy in the decorating. We have two trees (one mine, one Mouse's) but we didn't do the outside trees. We have a few vignettes of Christmas decor up around the house. And you know what I am OK with it. Mouse's Christmas dress does Not match the decor this year. Yes, I normally make her a dress to match the decor. But this year we are taking it easy.
Our Pastor has been talking about thinking of Christmas outside the box this past month. Meaning think of Christmas outside of your norm. What are we expecting from Christmas this, not what are we expecting for Christmas. This year I am expecting Christmas in the true sense. Remembering the meaning not the glamour.
Here is how we kept it simple this year:

Yes, that is Frankenstein under the tree, it's his favorite spot. And more to decorator's horror there is no tree skirt. We only have one and Mouse wanted it for her tree. (Her tree will be up later this week)
How are you taking in Christmas this year? What are you expecting From Christmas?

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