Monday, November 21, 2011

Floral Spray Tutorial

One of the items I saw at The Vintage Gypsy was these great flower and feather sprays. I knew right away our readers here at Bright Forest would love these. Since The Vintage Gypsy doesn't have a shopable website yet I thought I would put together a tutorial inspired by their beautiful floral sprays.
First you need to head to your nearest craft store and pick up a collection of feathers and one larger flower. This is what I came home with.
I decided the white feathers didn't work right with my decor but don't worry I have a tutorial coming up with what I did with those. Now back to the spray you will also need a glue gun and some coordinating ribbon. Start by cutting down your flower to the size stem you think looks nice I did about 5 inches. After that bend your flower towards it's stem so it will sit at an angle once on the table. Then glue you feather grouping to one side of the flower like so:
Now you will take the ribbon and start twisting it down the stem. I started at the top and glued that piece down first like so:
Then continued wrapping until the entire stem was covered. And that is it you are ready to place your spray on a side table. I used mine in this setting with some vintage books. On the other side is my Dayspring pedestal.
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